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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Freezing Cold and Going Nowhere

There was a fire yesterday at North Station in their maintenance facility, delaying trains ahead of mine. I was smug and happy when I got to North Station and saw my train was on time. What I failed to realize was that since other trains were canceled, my train was packed.

I had had a busy day. The last thing I wanted to do was stand on an express train from North Station to the first stop at Anderson…20 ish minutes. The intercom goes on and it’s the conductor asking people to remove bags from seats so people can sit down. I look around and no one budges. Mainly because they already had moved their bags. Then I spotted a bag on a seat. I shimmied down the aisle through the crowd and said it loud and clear so I embarrassed this b*tch. “Can you please move your bag so I can sit?” She was stunned and gave me a death look but she moved her bag and I sat down. Sorry biotch! I paid for a seat. Your bag didn’t!

Then this morning. Negative three degrees out! There were people in hoodies at my stop. It’s three below! Where is your damn jacket you idiot? I see you every day so you clearly are a New Englander and know better!

Our train pulls in on time. However, there are signal problems and our train slows down to a crawl. I am happy I am on the train and not waiting in the freezing cold for it. We get in to North Station a whopping 30 minutes late. I then head to the T because I am not walking in this sh*t.

Well, that was everyone else’s idea and when I got down to the tracks, both the green line and the orange line were experiencing delays. The green line finally pulls in after 15 minutes and everyone waiting for the orange line runs over to the train. We don’t fit so we run to the middle of the waiting area and wait to see which line will come in first. We hear honking. An orange line train backs itself into the station and opens the doors of an empty train. We all run toward the train and hop on. Then we sat idling for a few minutes. Not sure why but we were on a train!

Finally we start moving and we go the two stops I need to go without a problem. I hop out at State Street and trek a few blocks in the cold. Let’s hope today’s ride home is smooth sailing after yesterday and todays mishaps.

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