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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spidey Sense on the Train

Friday I did a little shopping in Down Town Crossing for the holiday. I found this awesome Spider Man mask for my nephew*.  It looks so cool and has a button on the side of it that spits off 10 super hero sayings*. This thing was so cool. I read the age…Age 5 and up! My nephew is 3. I put it back on the shelf, stepped away and then remembered the year I got my Easy Bake Oven. It said for ages 8 and up. I was 6. My mom told me that Santa must think I am responsible to have brought me something two years beyond my age. I ran back to the shelf thinking “He’s responsible. He’s charismatics…charismatic kids need cool a*s Spider Man masks.”

Now fast forward to the train ride home. I make it to Wilmington without it going off. Then, my friend gets off and I scoot over in the seat and adjust my bags. All of a sudden you hear “Mask! Check! Web Shooters! Check! Crime Fighter…You know it!!” I am sitting facing two other woman and they look up immediately and are puzzled.

I quickly reach for the bag to stop the super hero from spouting out at the mouth but in doing so, I whack the button again. “ Whoa, my Spidey sense is tingling!” Now, not only are the two across from me staring at me, a few others start to look.

I smile at them and grab my phone to “look busy”. Plus, by having my hands away from the bag this mask was in, it stopped spouting off super hero phrases….untillllll, I had to get off the train. “Causin’ trouble? Spidey will track you down!!!” I am now in line waiting to get off the train. I lift my bag and say to the people staring at it “I got some Christmas shopping done today.” And smiled at them. They just giggled at me.

*Disclaimer & Note to Sister:
-Act surprised on Christmas
-Sorry about the noisy toy. I know the golden rule for parents is to not buy loud toys but I’m just the Auntie…
- Love youuu!!

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