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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anyone Lose Their Keys

Last night, I took the Orange line over to Back Bay to meet my sister on Newbury Street. I was going to take the green line but it derailed and I didn’t feel like dealing with that sooo Orange line and a little bit of walking it was.

I get on at State and we go a few stops. It’s packed but not as packed as I am used to. I am standing in the aisle holding the railing when I look down and see this guy sitting in front of me picking his nose… I mean full out digging. It goes on too long and it is disgusting. He finally pulls his finger from him nose and flicks the boogers into the air. I mean PEOPLE!! Who the hell does that? REALLY!!

As I am ready to gag, the train stops at Tufts and people get off and then people get on. Totally normal until some guy has a set of keys in his hands and yells in from the platform “Did anyone lose their keys? You dropped them right here!” No one flinches. I look around, everyone has earbuds in. If they lost their keys, they have no idea that this guy is trying to save them from being locked out and panicked. He says it again “Anyone missing keys?” No one claims them and then he screams “OK! Peace out!”

This is one of those times where paying attention to your surroundings may have been beneficial. Just sayin’.


·        Don’t pick your nose in public. In fact, don’t pick your nose EVER!

·         Pay attention to your surroundings.

That is all!  

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