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Friday, March 14, 2014

Running Like Animals From a Tsunami

This morning I get to the train station and am waiting patiently inside on the inbound side when all of a sudden I see people darting out to the platform. I hang back like I usually do since it is 12 degrees out and I know that I will get a seat so there isn’t a point in going outside to freeze my a*s off to wait in a line. A few people usually wait with me so I am not the only one with this tactic. However, today, everyone started running like animals seeking higher ground right before a tsunami. I look outside and see that the train is on the wrong side of the tracks and if we don’t RUN IN FRONT OF IT to cross, we will not be boarding!

I have a strict “No running in front of oncoming trains’ policy” BUUUT the train slowed down, tooted it’s horn a million and one times and allowed us to cross. After we cross, the train slowly pulls up and the doors open. I find a seat and sit down. As I sit down I see I have a new email. It’s MBTA emailing to tell me that the Lowell line is having track issues. Thanks MBTA. That info would have been useful about 10 minutes ago!

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