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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just Choking on Some Feathers

Don't mind me. I'm just choking on some feathers!

Just when I thought the winter was coming to an end, we get hit with another storm. This morning I got in to North Station and went straight toward the T. I was on the platform and one of the first ones in line to board the train. As the train pulled up, I noticed that everyone decided to take the T this morning instead of braving the storm and walk.

A few people come out and I hop on. I honestly think I am the last person on. That is how packed in tight it was but I was wrong! OH boy was I wrong! About 5 more people piled in. As they were pushing all of us further in and deflating our goose down jackets as best they could, I inhaled a few goose down feathers as they popped out of our jackets. I start coughing because I am now choking on a feather. I go for my coffee but I can’t even bring it to my mouth it was so packed. My eyes start watering and I think I am going to die… ok maybe I am being dramatic but choking on feathers is no joke! OK!?

Somehow I manage to get the feather to my lips with my tongue and I grab it with my cashmere gloved free hand as my eyes are still watering. The cashmere left behind a little fuzz on my lipglossed lips but that’s ok…feather…gone!  After I am free from choking, I realize that I am packed in so tight that if I lifted my feet off the ground, I’d stay put. Maybe it’s the gymnast in me but I totally felt like the human structure around me was strong enough to perform acrobatics on. I refrained from doing any sort of acrobatics but I was really tempted to lift my feet just to see if I’d stay put.

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