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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Face Time

From what I understand, face time is a wonderful thing. It's not my thing but if it's for you...great!

Let me just go over when NOT to use face time shall we? You do not use face time while walking in a herd of people to your train. We are in close quarters with each other and A. I don't want to be in your screen shot B. Your arm is extended so far that you are whacking people in the head C. You are waving at your extended phone like an idiot and everyone has to witness you being a cooing idiot and by your tone, I can only hope you are talking to a small child D. While you are waving like an idiot you crash into the person in front of you causing a nice domino affect. Way to go buddy. You have successfully pissed off a ton of after work, hungry train commuters. Good job.

So please,if you must, wait until you're on the train (and not in the quiet car) before you face time...or better yet, wait until you are in the privacy of your own home to do that.

Recap:No face time while walking in a herd of people where you should be paying attention.

That is all!!

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