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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plymouth and Brockton Magnifying Glass Lady

Tonight I am heading to the Cape for a girl friends 30th birthday! I have never taken the bus to the Cape before so on my lunch break, I went to South Station to figure it out so I don’t have to figure it out at 5pm when everyone else is hustling and bustling around.

I get to South Station and head down long corridors to get to the Bus section of the station. I finally find the Plymouth and Brockton counter and wait patiently in line. The woman behind the counter is taking forever. The guy in front of me is playing with the one cigarette he probably has to his name that is tucked behind his ear for safe keeping. This guy is also carrying his prized possessions in a black trash bag and is fidgeting nervously. It was 2pm and I am assuming he needed to catch the 2:15pm bus.

The woman behind me starts talking. I have no idea she is talking to me. “This lady is crazy. She doesn’t belong here! She sits there with her stupid magnifying glass.” I don’t respond. “You know, I had to come here on my break because I knew she was working today and I just wouldn’t have time to get a ticket and catch the bus.”

Now I turn back. She WAS talking to me. “There is nothing worse than having to run for the bus… or the train after a long day at work.” Apparently I have egged her on.

“This lady shouldn’t work here. She is chatty to everyone and can’t see and all everyone wants to do is get their ticket and get goin’.”

It was finally my turn and this lady whips out a magnifying glass to read my credit card. I had to laugh. The lady behind the counter was a nice old lady who just wanted to chat and was blind as a bat. She processed my ticket quickly and I was on my way.

It’s funny how people pick up on the quirks of others. I definitely do but it was nice to see that others pick up on that stuff like I do… I just get to blog about it.

I’m off to the Cape!!

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