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Monday, August 13, 2012

Double Decker-Slash-Quiet Car-Slash-Sauna

Today I  had the pleasure of riding in on the top of the double decker commuter train car. I love the double decker because I can see much more than I usually see. However, on the double decker today it wasn't as pleasant as it usually it. The electricity must have gone out and I had the pleasure of riding on the double decker-slash-quiet car-slash-sauna. It was great! (Sarcasm)

Then we arrived at North Station and I hopped on the T. When we pulled into Haymarket, a few got off and the door shut quickly. A woman running up the steps to the platform is screaming for someone to hold the door. Not one person feels bad for her enough to hold the door. There was plenty of room (and by that I mean, she could have squeezed on the already sardine packed train). The doors close and she starts slamming on them like a baboon! Thank god the doors didn't reopen as they sometimes do because I am pretty sure we would have been in for it, had they opened and allowed her on.

Happy Monday! I hope my commute home is smoother than this... but I doubt it....

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