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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cranky A*s People!

Great start to my Tuesday. (Another bit of sarcasm!)

Commuter Rail- This woman gets on and is on her mobile in a brash unfriendly voice “Johnny! Did you feed the bunny this morning? I don’t even know if it has water.” “Johnny! No, this can not wait! The bunny needs water.” “Thanks.” She starts in on poor Johnny again. “Johnny! Did you walk the dogs after I left? This is important! You need to walk them at least around the block! This is part of dog ownership! Strap on your sneakers and throw the leashes on them and get out there.” Long pause. “Johnny, you have to go now! Otherwise it will get too hot out.” Pause. “If you don’t go now, I will stalk you all morning until you do.” Pause. “No you can not go back to bed and do it later. Do it now. I will keep calling until you go and you won’t be able to go back to sleep!”

Wow!! Could you imagine if she was your mom… or wife? I couldn’t tell if Johnny was a teenager, a kid or a husband.

Getting on the T- It is crowded this morning. I mean there is room for maybe three people to get on the T in the car I’m lined up for. I was the second person in line and this large woman with her cheap looking luggage cuts in front of me. It rubbed me the wrong way but whatever, I got on the T anyways. I squished in right next to her. I was holding my coffee in one hand and my purse and back pack in the other. She looks at my coffee and goes “Don’t you DARE get that on me!” In the nicest kill ‘em with kindness voice and my best b*tch please smile slapped on my face that I had, I replied “One of the first times I was on the T, someone spilled hot coffee on me. I am very careful because I know how irritating it is, hot coffee on your shirt, on your skin, having to buy another shirt. I will not get coffee on you.” She replies with a scowl on her face “I’m glad we cleared that up then.”

I would love to know why people are just so darn hostile these days but, I guess if they weren’t hostile, I’d have nothing to write about…

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