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Friday, August 10, 2012

Extra Punches on The Punch Card

Last month I wasn't going to be using the Commuter Rail for 2 weeks so instead of purchasing a monthly pass, I opted for the 12 whole punch card. I bought two of them at the end of June to get me through July. I knew I had exactly enough rides to get me through the month of July. Surprisingly at the end of July, I had 5 rides left on my punch card. Not because I didn't ride the commuter rail as much as I had anticipated, because the myth was true! If the conductor is feeling generous, he or she will punch your card in an already existing whole to give the illusion that the card was punched. However, not punching out another whole which gets you... a free ride! I was somewhat excited when I realized that over the course of 24 rides in and out of the city, I earned myself 5 freebies. Then, that excitement was squashed since because it dawned on me that this is why the fares are raised... because people get freebies. I have to assume, I'm not the only lucky one to get a free ride because I hear the myth all the time. I also realized that I buy a monthly pass so I pay my fair share here so, with the monthly pass, I don't get a freebie. So, as much as I liked getting the free ride, I'd rather the conductors crack down and not give out so many freebies because this is one of the many reasons why we now have to pay what we pay for the train, T and bus now. Otherwise, I just might start gambling and getting the new 10 ride pass and see how far it gets me instead of my monthlies. Just sayin'...

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