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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cop a Feel Guy

Last night heading home, I had to make the 5:10pm train. There were no if, and's or buts about it. I had to make it! When the T pulled into State, it was packed but I had to get on because it was 5pm and if I waited for the next one, well, I didn't make the 5:10pm train out of North Station and I would have been screwed!

People pile out of the train at State which gives me hope that I will get on this T. Once everyone is out, I start boarding with the rest of the people with places to go and people to see. I pack my way on to that T and this one guy says to me "I'm not coppin' a feel." I flip around and look at him. He throws his hands up in the air and continues "See! My hands are up here! I just have to catch a bus and if I don't get on now, I'll miss it." I laughed. Usually on a sardine packed train, anything goes. You don't care who is touching you. You are just happy you made it on the T.

"No worries. I have to catch a train at 5:10. I know the feeling." Another guy chimes in. "I have to be at class in 10 minutes and I have a 10 minute walk ahead of me once I get off the train." As we are talking, people are still piling in and squishing us.

It's amazing what you put up with when you have to be some where. Each one of us had to be some where and were willing to pack on in and be cozy to complete strangers for 5 minutes in order to get there.

Cop-a-Feel guy made his bus, I made my train and I am assuming the School Boy got to class on time.

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