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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Wow! This morning was crazy in the rain. I left my house with no rain and by the time I got to the train, it was torrential down pours with some thunder and lightning. Absolutely soaked from the knees down. We all hovered underneath the over hang until the train arrived. When the train arrived, we all took turns running into the train car. Even though we had umbrella's this wasn't the kind of rain you could close your umbrella before entering so getting on the train was a little awkward as we had to board and close umbrella's on the train.

The ride in wasn't bad or soggy. However, going from Commuter Rail to the T and the T to the office, my goodness was it bad. The T was so soaked by all the umbrella's dripping on the floor that people were sliding all over the place when we went around corners or stopped. Luckily, I got a seat which never happens. So, I got to kick back and watch everyone else try to maintain their balance. One woman was instructing people to get into Ballet's second position to keep from slipping. Another recommending riding the T like it was a surf board. Crafty ways to stay upright on the T for sure.

So, stay dry my friends. I am hoping the rain stops by 5pm this afternoon! Crossing my fingers!!

And for the record, I'm not being a cry baby about this morning, granted, I didn't go to this station but the rain and puddles were insane. Check out this link:

Train Station under water!

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