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Friday, November 22, 2013

Conductor on My Sh*t List

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder why you continue to be a good person? Today was one of those days.

I had a Dr’s appointment. I knew I could make the 10:23am train by the skin of my teeth. I get to the train station and park at 10:17am. That is 6 entire minutes I have to walk from my car to the parking meter to the platform. That is plenty of time. I get out of my car and see the train pull in. I book it to the parking meter. Pay and book it over to the platform. It is pouring rain outside. I didn’t even open my umbrella so that I could run faster. Everyone boards the train. The conductor looks me dead in the eyes and hops on the train. I scream “Please hold the door!” as I am only 10 feet away. TEN FEET! I assumed he might have hopped on the train to get out of the rain. Then I hear it. THUNK! It’s the conductor pulling the steps. I look up, I am now three feet away. He then looks me dead in the eyes and gives the engineer the signal to go.

I am now standing AT the entry while he is standing in the doorway. The train takes off and he screams “Sorry, you just missed it.” As he whizzes right on by me.

I turn around to head inside the station since I wasn’t going to sit on the platform in the pouring rain until the next train came in an HOUR. I looked up at the train board as I was walking. The time was 10:21am! That F*CKING train left BEFORE its scheduled time. I should have been on it.

First of all, they left early. Second of all, it’s not that hard to have a heart and see someone running for the train in the pouring rain and wait for them…especially when they are 10 feet away…AND especially when the train is running early! That, to me was heartless and clearly intentional since he looked me dead in the eyes twice AND heard me ask him to hold the door.

But don’t worry Mr. A*shole conductor, I got a good look at you as you drifted by me and told me I just missed it! I don’t forget a face and if I see you, you better hope I don’t have an aisle seat. You just might happen to trip every time you walk by me!

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