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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heat! It’s an Easy Concept!

This morning it’s cold! I mean cold!! I decide since it’s only November, I am not going to wear my abominable snowman jacket and sport one of my lighter winter jackets while it should be warm enough to wear them. I get to the train station, walk toward the platform and decide I am a wimp so I wait inside until the train comes. When the train comes, I head outside and wait to hop on the train. When I get on the train, there is no temperature change. The only change is that outside it is cold with a slight breeze and in the train it’s….cold with no breeze! The entire way to North Station, I read my book with my gloves on and debated throwing my hood on but I didn’t want to be too melodramatic!

OK MBTA, it’s called “HEAT!” As in, it’s 26 degrees out. Why don’t we turn the heat on?  That is all.

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