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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Morning Rush

This is my morning…I take the later train in to the office. I sit down next to a woman reading the newspaper. We get to the next stop and I slide in to the middle seat as there are many people standing. A guy sits down next to me and starts administering eye drops. Not Visine. Medically prescribed drops. He does it once and then dabs his eyes with tissue. As we get closer to the station, he does the eye drop thing again. I am REALLY hoping it wasn’t something contagious! REALLY HOPING!

Then I get to North Station. We walk out of TD and try to head into the T station. There are people lined up in a crazy mob scene spilling out of the T station and into the street. I contemplate walking but it was freezing out and I decided I’d take the T. Once I get inside, I realize the escalator is broken and everyone is taking the stairs. It was as if everyone forgot how to use stairs!! I mean really people, quick complaining!  It’s not that hard…and if more of you took the stairs instead of the escalator, you’d knock off some extra pounds (Just sayin’!). I choose stairs over the escalator every chance I get.

So, while everyone is trying to remember how to walk down stairs, the Jehovah witnesses stand by their stand of Bibles with a smile on their face. Um, what the hell is with them in North Station! They don’t approach anyone (which I am not complaining about) and I have never seen someone approach them. Sooo, why are they wasting their time!?

Once everyone has managed to take the stairs, I get to the tracks. The train pulls in and it’s packed to the brim. The guy in front of me is literally the last one on. There was no room for me to squeeze on and the woman beside me was so upset she couldn’t fit on either. She says  to me as the packed train pulls away “I feel like they are just leaving me behind!” A little melodramatic but I get it.

We wait 5 minutes for the next train. When it arrives there is no one on it! I mean no one! She and I hop on and we each get a seat! UNHEARD OF in rush hour morning trains! So, sometimes packing on to a train isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. If you wait for that next train, sometimes you just might get a seat!  

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