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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Football Try Outs on the T Today

It’s totally frustrating when you are trying to get on a train and everyone is packed around the door and there are about 5 spots available at the end of the train. Sometimes people scream down to the end to move down. Sometimes people don’t say a word and wait for the next train but today…today was different.

I get on the packed train. I am literally the last one that will fit. The guy behind me had no shot. That is, until he spotted 5 empty spots open at the end of the train. He screams down “Can you please move down so we can get on?”

No one moves! They just look at him. I can’t do anything because no one in front of me moved.

He then says “Fine! If no one wants to move down, I’ll make my way down.”

He starts by shoving me into another girl and we both hit our heads on the pole next to us. He continues to just shove people out of the way as if he was trying out for a football team. Three people snuck in on his coat tails.

I mean, I get it! It’s frustrating to stand on the platform as the train takes off and you see empty space where you might have fit. However, you don’t have to injure me in the process of proving your point.

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