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Monday, November 25, 2013

Purple People Eater

Ok people, let’s talk fashion! There is this girl I see every single day at the train station. She is super annoying first of all. I always over hear her talk to people about her ailments. “I’m on my meds today so I’m a little loopy.” “It’s not as bad as it used to be now that I gained weight and my meds aren’t over powering.” “I was in so much pain …blah blah blah.” Shut the f*ck up. We don’t care! These people nod at her with a blank smile on their face like “You’re telling me this WHY?”  AND I am pre-coffee and don’t want to hear about your bull sh*t. I don’t go around telling people if I have ailments because it’s uncouth. No one needs to know about your bodily functions. I don’t know why people think its ok to tell everyone their problems but unless you are at a Dr’s office, with family or close friends- WE DON’T CARE!

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed by her bad fashion sense if she wasn’t so annoying herself.

For instance, if you have…say… a purple pair of skinny jeans, you need to wear those suckers few and far between! If they were normal jeans, no one would notice but when you wear purple skinny jeans twice a week, every week… its noticeable! She wears them all the time with her stupid pleather boots that she probably got at Target!

So let’s recap:

·         Don’t talk about your bodily functions/ailments/meds to strangers and/or acquaintances.
·         If you have a fashionable piece of clothing that stands out, you cannot wear it two times within one week.
·         Don’t wear pleather boots…PERIOD!


  1. That bothers me and you know what I go thru. When people find out that I'm sick they practically give me their whole medical history, because they think I understand, but I don't care, honestly. And let's not bond over illnesses. And seriously purple jeans are not the new go to fashion item of the season. ;-) ♡ dia

  2. I hear ya! There are plenty of other things to bond over aside from illenss. :)