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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Candy Crush Balancing Act

It’s OK A*shole! You can fall on me and continue to play your Candy Crush. No problem buddy!
This morning, I get on to a packed T. Shocking…I know! There isn’t anything for me to hold on to so I assume 2nd ballet position. I have figured out that if I keep my feet as wide as my shoulders, I don’t go flying when we come to a stop. Well, the idiot next to me hadn’t figured that out, wasn’t holding on and was so enthralled with Candy Crush that he went flying on top of me when we came to a stop at Haymarket.
Once he knocks me over, he is STILL playing Candy Crush! He doesn’t even bother to try to get up. Isn’t there a pause button? I mean really buddy, get off me! His game finally ends and that is when he gets off me. He doesn’t even apologize. Just stands up as if nothing happened in his North Face Fleece. AND speaking of North Face Fleeces, let’s get something straight. They are nice, don’t get me wrong but on a day that it is 8 degrees out and windy…well a North Face Fleece isn’t cutting it and even though you want to look stylish…well you just look like an idiot that couldn’t afford the North Face Jacket. Yup I said it. But really, warmth on days that are 8 degrees and windy sometimes has to trump fashion even if it doesn’t say North Face on it.

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