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Thursday, February 20, 2014


It’s a god damn blessed miracle I made the train! GEEEEEZUS!!!! I leave the house with plenty of time to get to the train station. Then, I get stuck behind this lady going 15 miles per hour! FIFTEEN!!!! The roads weren’t plowed all that well and had she had a sports car, I may have been more understanding. However, this dumb b*tch was driving a brand new Durango with four wheel drive and wouldn’t ya know…she took all the same streets I needed to take. Lucky a*s me!

She drove SO slow that when I got closer to the train station, I had less than 2 minutes to park, pay for parking and board the train. I decide to park on the inbound side instead of my usual outbound side because inbound is closer to the platform. I get over there and people are inventing their own parking spots and there aren’t any more numbered parking spots because of the awesome snow mounds that were once parking spots. If I “create” my own spot, I no longer know my license plate because the Mass DMV is stupid and I don’t have my vanity plate anymore from NH, so how do I write it on the envelope that I am going to have to hastily fill out? HMM!?

I drive around some more and see the train approaching. I decided that I don’t have time to figure out a spot on that side and make that train and start going toward the exit to go park on the other side and take the next train when, all of a sudden, a space opens up!! FOR REAL! I pull in, grab my bags, coffee and “sparkly shiny dollar coins” and book it to the pay station. I throw my “sparkly shiny dollar” coins in the meter and run to the train. I was the last one on and the new conductor held the door for me! Freakin’ miracle I tell ya!!

Note to Self:
·         Get Mass Vanity Plate ordered.
·         If you have 4 WD, you are allowed to be aggressive in the snow…and by aggressive, I mean, go the f*ckin’ speed limit!

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