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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Throw Garbage at Me

Yesterday, I am waiting for the T. I am the first one to get to State Street so I line myself up so I am the first one in the door of the T when it arrives.

Some old hag comes and stands next to me. She then drops her Dunkin Donuts bag full of trash on the ground and punts it into my shin! I assume it was full of trash because I certainly wouldn’t throw a bag full of fresh donuts on the ground and punt it at someone.

It was rush hour so I only could assume she wanted my spot. First of all lady, I was here first. Second of all, you are like three of me, so I have a good shot at getting on the train, if I let you in front of me; you are the only one getting on the train! I don’t flinch and remain calm.

She then pulls the bag full of garbage back to her with her foot and punts it at me AGAIN! This time I am getting ticked so I ignore her and start digging through my purse for my pepper spray! Hey, if I feel threatened… I mean she is punting it at me near the edge of the track…what if I fall in? I have a gun permit and a redheaded temper that says I can use my pepper spray to defend myself!

I grab my keychain with the pepper spray on it and hold is so she sees it. She steps away and stands near a column where she is no longer punting garbage at my shin!

Oh the joys of public transit!

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