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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cute Outfits and New Pick Up Lines

I go out yesterday at lunch to get a bagel! Even though it was practically a blizzard, I just wanted a bagel. I decide I will go to Brueggers. I throw on my winter wonderland gear and head over. I have on a black three quarter length jacket with my alligator gloves, riding boots, my Tumi work purse and one of my “fancy pants hats”.

As I am in Brueggers, the girl in front of me turns to me and goes “Girl! You are just adorable in that outfit. So cute! You look like you’re from London or something. ” I thank her and then feel bad about totally ripping on her ugly pants in my head.  Ok, they were spandex pants with donuts on them and it looked like she had one too many donuts herself…so…oh the irony!

I leave the bagel shop and head back to my office when this guy comes up to me and says “Do you know where the Orange line is?” I assume he is a confused tourist and help him out since I would hope someone would do the same for me in a strange city.

“You are so close!” I tell him “Come with me.” As I walk him over to the State Street entrance. “Where are you heading?” I ask.

“Wellington.” He says.

“OK, when you get to the bottom and get through the gates, go right. You will see signs for the outbound train.”

He then says “You know, I know where I am going. You were just so cute, I needed a way to get your number. Let me take you out sometime.” He says.

I let him down gently and went on my merry little way back to the office. I should have known…he looked a little too “corporate-city-boy” to be lost.

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