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Monday, February 10, 2014

I Lost My Favorite Gloves

My Monday started out with a late train. We arrived at North Station 20 minutes late. Not usually a problem you see. However, when I took my gloves off this morning, I placed them on my lap instead of in my purse. When I got off the train, I stood up and assumed my gloves were in my purse. My favorite black alligator leather gloves. These gloves were awesome! They went with everything. They spruced up a blah coat. They were perfect for driving. I could go on and on!!

Well, I get to the platform of the T and go to put them on and realize that, OH MY GOD!!! They aren’t in my purse. That is when I remembered, I put them on my lap! SO, when I stood up, they fell to the ground.

Since the train ran late, I ran late! So, I had a decision to make, run back to the commuter rail platform and see if they were still there or go to work and try my best not to be ridiculously late!

I decided to go to work! It devastated me but what are you going to do? I had to be a grown up and put fashion on the back burner. I will check with the lost and found at the train station later today. We’ll see if anyone turned ‘em in.

Once I am on the T, I am packed in like a little sardine. I have about five people standing around me. I don’t even have to hold a handle because I am packed in so tight by surrounding strangers. All of a sudden, someone is holding my hand! Yup! Some stranger is holding my hand and MY GLOVES WEREN’T ON!

I look around confused. When we stop at Haymarket, I have some room to wiggle. I whip my hand away from this stranger and he apologizes profusely because he thought my hand was his girlfriends.

Happy Monday People!!

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