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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oops! My Bra Fell Off

So, don’t mind that thing on the floor of the T. It’s just my bra!

Oh my GOD! Today I get on a sardine packed train…OK, can I just start abbreviating? SPT! Does that work for everyone? OK, so today I get on to a SPT and I am squished in so tight between a few guys. I get squeezed on each side at the same time and that’s when I feel it. My bra was squeezed at just the right angle and it unhooked…and it was strapless. I immediately squeeze my arms to my side to try and make sure it stays up. Then I pray to GOD that I tucked in my shirt today so maybe…just maybe… it won’t go flying out and onto the train floor. Then I remember that I didn’t tuck in my shirt…I am wearing a button up shirt and a vest over it and for added flare/texture to my outfit, I let the bottom hang out.

I feel my bra slipping down. Luckily, I have on my abominable snow man jacket because it’s 11 degrees and so it isn’t obvious and the jacket is to my knees soooo I have extra room/time before people can see it.

We finally stop at State and I get off the train. I secure my bags in one hand and then place my hand on my jacket where I think my bra is to make sure it doesn’t fall out on my way to the office.  Getting through the revolving door was tricky with bags in one hand and bra recon mission in the other but I did it and I made it to my office without my bra falling on the sidewalk. GO ME!

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