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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bear of a Date

Last night as I am going from the T at North Station to the Commuter Rail at North Station I see this man wearing a Bruins Jersey and a foam bear head over his head. He is with his buddy who is wearing a matching Bruins Jersey except his buddy is not stupid enough to wear a foam bear head over his face. They are waiting outside for the game. They are excited with anticipation. The guy with the bear head on picks up his phone “Hello?...Oh yes, we are outside. We’ll come meet you inside.” He hangs up the phone and turns to his friend “They are inside. Let’s go meet them.”

They turn to head inside and happen to now be right in front of me. They open the door and spot two young ladies. They both go up to them and introduce themselves. They are on a double blind date! Who the heck wears a foam bear head over his head when meeting a date for the first time? I’d be horrified if my potential date came up to me with a foam bear head on. There was a slight slit-slash-opening in it so you could see his face a bit but still…when meeting a blind date, do not wear a foam bear head on your head. I don’t care if you are at a Bruins game. You look like a fool and will freak her out! Maybe break that bad boy out on the second date or NEVER! I dunno. You decide.