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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Move Over!

This morning on the way in, the train got a little crowded as we got closer and closer to North Station. People in three seaters tend to sit one on the window and one on the aisle and leave the middle seat open. As people piled in at the last stop, there were many standing in the aisle. Although there were also many aisle seated people in three seaters not willing to move in to the middle seat to allow these people standing in the aisle to actually sit down. All of a sudden you hear a woman scream "Don't you want to move in so he can sit?" she was angry.

I looked up and she was sitting at a window seat in a three seater and she was screaming to the person at the other end of her seat. The guy on the aisle seat looks up dumb founded. Clearly he doesn't know train etiquette. The guy in the aisle says to the girl "No, I'm fine. We're not going far." The guy in the seat moves in anyways and the guy in the aisle looks at him like he is crazy. I think the guy in the aisle was being stubborn and could have sat but didn't. The guy who slid into the middle seat has now slid back into his aisle seat and there is an awkward silence from there until North Station.

So people, when people are standing in the aisle, let them sit if there is a spare seat! This is common sense. Don't be greedy. We all paid the same to ride the train and all deserve a seat if it's available!

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