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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yoga on the Train

Namaste and welcome to the Commuter Rail! This morning when I boarded the train, I see a woman in a three seater by herself sitting with her legs “Criss Cross Apple Sauce”, her elbows bent toward the center of her body and her hands in a praying position. She has on LuLu Lemon pants and a North Face fleece. Her hair tied off in a loose pony tail. It dawns on me- this lady is getting in her morning yoga session…ON-THE-TRAIN!

First of all lady, you are not in the quiet car so I don’t know how you are in your peaceful state. There are children on this mornings train like you wouldn’t believe and the train is louder than usual thanks to that thing they get called April Vacation. Second of all, someone is going to make you slide in sooner or later and your “Criss Cross Apple Sauce” position will be sacrificed. Third, please do not attempt downward dog and if you do, please be sure your rear is not facing the aisle and/or me.

So lady, the train is not the place for morning yoga sessions. That is all.


  1. Ummm! I believe the correct term is "Indian style"!
    Jut saying!

  2. In our day it was called "Indian style". However, the PC term is now "Criss Cross Apple Sauce" ;)