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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bull Fighting Jack A*s Strikes Again!

I am patiently waiting for the T at State and am the first one in place and lined up where the doors should open. I see Bull Fighting Jack A*s come up along side me and am tempted to move to the next waiting area down but decide against it because it's filled up and wouldn't be first for the train.I ran straight from work and wanted to be sure to get to North Station and giving up my prized position because he is a nitwit wasn't in the cards! The train pulls in and people disembark I go to step on the train and the Bull.Fighting Jack A*s charges into the train plowing me OVER and into the arms of an innocent bystander. I apologize pofusely to the bystander but also point to the idiot who just plowed me over. Everyone on the train is shaking their head at him and being so nice to me offering to make space for me because while I fell into this guys arms, others piled in and took prized space. Grr! this guy is such an idiot and I am beginning to question his mental state. Like it has been said before, he will do that to the wrong person some day and get beaten to a pulp and I won't feel bad one bit and if I'm lucky, I'll get to watch! I know I sound mean right now but he is a jerk and needs to stop! Then I get to North Station and my train is obviously that is adding to my little temper tantrum! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! I am out of the city and going to have a great time!

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