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Monday, April 30, 2012

Some People Don't Deserve Their Job!

Some people don’t deserve their job! I will elaborate as to why I feel that way. This morning at the commuter rail station I had to buy my parking pass for tomorrow since it is the beginning of a new month. I was ten minutes early for the train and there were only two people in line for parking passes. SCORE! I hopped in line and waited my turn. At 7:35, it was finally  my turn. This gave me 3 minutes to do the transaction and get to my train. That’s just enough time. I ask for the May monthly parking pass and hand the man my card. He slips me a sheet to sign and when I hand it back to him he hands me my receipt and walks away from the window. I talk into the microphone “Excuse me!” no one looks up from behind the ticket counter. I talk a little louder “Excuse me! You forgot to give me my parking pass!” No one looks up this time either. I then look at the clock, 7:37. I have ONE MINUTE to get to the platform. I knock on the window and a woman behind the counter says “Ma’am! We are busy. You will have to wait.” I talk into the mic once more “He gave me my receipt but forgot to give me my pass. If I wait any longer I will miss my train!” she replies irritated “You have to wait lady!”

I look at this guy doing NOTHING! He just has his back turned towards me fumbling with paper. Now I’m pissed and pound on the glass again. “You forgot my pass and I will miss my train!” The old man looks up as if a light clicks. He comes over to the window and looks at me. “I need my parking pass for the month of May.” He rings me in again “That’ll be $70.” I put my receipt in the window and yell “I JUST PAID FOR IT!” he looks at the receipt and it doesn’t register in his stupid little head “$70 please.” I yell into the mic once more and talking slowly and clearly “I … JUST… PAID” pointing to my receipt “YOU” pointing to stupid old man “FORGOT TO GIVE ME MY PASS” pointing to the pink dash board hangers on his ticket counter behind the glass.

Ding, light bulb goes off again “OOOOHHHHHHH” he says and then puts the pink dash board hanger under the glass finally. I look at the clock. 7:38. I grab it and run. I barely made the train! Happy freakin’ Monday! I think people like this don’t deserve their job and they should give that job to someone that can actually do it!

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