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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snakes on the Train

PETA has asked the MBTA for permission to do an advertising campaign that would hang snakes from the top of trains for a week coiling them around the poles and handles. This is to raise awareness on the cruelty snakes endure in order to become our hand bags, wallets, belts and shoes.

The MBTA has thankfully turned it down stating “In the interest of customers' safety and comfort, the MBTA does not permit advertisers to hang objects from the ceilings and handrails of subway cars.” – Joe Pesaturo
First of all PETA, hanging rubber snakes from the top of the train is not going to make me feel any endearment toward these creatures. It would make me hide under a seat until I heard “
State Street
. Doors open on the Left” in the morning and “North Station. Doors open on the right.” In the evening. I don’t care how crazy people thought I was, and perhaps they’d blog about me, but that would creep me out to have a snake in my ear while I’m trying to keep my balance!
So, thanks MBTA! I am truly glad I will not have a rubber snake as part of my commute during the running of this campaign.

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