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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Glasses Fly off Face

OK, now for today’s real post!

This morning I didn’t meet up with my fellow “Charlie’s Angel” and since I have a blister on my foot, I decided to take the T to the office instead of walk. As I am heading down to the platform, I see that the train is already there. Perfect timing! People were filing on. I see my usual entry is packed so I go one car down and there is room. Another guy piles in behind me. He turns around and sees his friend can’t make it. His friend screams “It’s ok! Go!”

The guy on the train starts to walk off of the train and as he does, the doors close slamming him on both sides of the face and throwing his glasses off of him. The guy still on the platform miraculously catches them so they A. don’t slam on the platform and shatter and B. don’t slip in the gap in between the platform and the train.

Now, separated from his glasses, he makes sure the doors stay open so he can get off the train. He hops on the platform, the doors close behind him and we were off. He is reunited with his glasses and his friend and the rest of us were on our way without too much delay.

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