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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're the Charlies Angels and PS- Get Off Your Phone

I have never seen this before. It is a total reversal. Last night I got on the train with my usual girlfriend posse (We have now been deemed by various random people as “Charlie’s Angels” which, hey… I’ll take it! So clearly we are a blond, redhead and brunette trio). Any-who, as we are getting on the train, we pick up another friend, we sit somewhat staggered and three of us have aisle seats. We get into our usual conversation about what is going on in each of our lives when out of nowhere, the girl, who is on a cell phone, on the inside of a seat taps our friend and says something to the effect of “Excuse me I can’t even hear myself think!”

She then grabs her bag and moves hastily as if WE are the ones in the wrong! Um, no! We are normal people chit chatting to people in front of us. We aren’t going to sit with people we know and twiddle our thumbs until we get off the train. Not gonna happen! AND PS: since when did being on the phone trump talking to people live-in-person on the train? Pretty sure it didn’t! However, our friends ride got a little more comfy after she left and he got the entire seat to himself!

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