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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait!

Ok, this morning I sit in a three seater next to this woman that seems to be mumbling to herself. I don’t judge. I just open my book and sip my coffee. She seems to mumble all the way from North Billerica to North Station. We finally arrive in North Station. We just get over the bridge and are almost to our bay. I am still reading and sipping my coffee. We have a good minute before I have to pack up and get off the train. The woman already has her newspaper folded up and her purse on her shoulder. She stands up and says “Excuse me!” I look to my left. The line of people waiting to get out of the train is just about at our seat. I haven’t even put away my things yet but this woman is rushing me to let her out of our seat only to go stand in the aisle right next to our seat. I look at her and say “Just a minute.” Usually, when people want to be let out I just hoist my stuff up, let them out and sit back down.  However, that just didn’t make sense to me since she was gaining about 6 inches in the line. Instead of letting her out, I put my things away and zip up my bag and collect my things. As I am doing this she is huffing and puffing and really showing me how much she is annoyed. Jesus lady, we are all going to the same place and it doesn’t matter if you are in the aisle or behind me, you will get there at about the same time as if I didn’t put my sh*t away, let you out, you’d be standing, I sit back down, put my things away and then…stand up and walk out RIGHT BEHIND YOU! CHILL LADY!!

Because she is huffing and puffing, I decide I am going to take my time. By taking my time, it doesn’t sacrifice our spot in line. It just delays her from standing in the aisle. I walk down the aisle and she is right behind me. She is still huffing and puffing. Once we get on the platform she is trying to go around me. I see her out of the corner of my eye as she approaches my side. Each time she tries to pass me, just to f*ck with her because now I’m annoyed, I step right in front of her and walk slow. She tries to get around me on the other side too. Step in front of her again. Had she said to me “I am late to a meeting, do you mind letting me go?” while we were in the seat or whatever, I would have gladly let her go. However, when someone huffs and puffs at me like they are the big bad wolf, then, I’m gonna f*ck with you just for sh*ts and giggles! Especially when coffee hasn’t kicked in, I am bored and I have a pounding headache. A girl has to do, what a girl has to do to entertain herself in the morning!


  1. How can you be such an awful person? Remember your stupid post about the elevator and how you think people on the lower floors are not entitled to take the thing because then you have to wait longer? You are really a very, very awful person. Totally absorbed about yourself, and only yourself. You must think you are amazing while this little blog so clearly shows you are anything but that.

  2. Mark- Please see my new post "Butterflies and Unicorns".