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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pole Leaner

Sure, you can lean your entire body on the only pole to hold on to on the T during rush hour. I don’t mind pretending that I am a surfer in order to keep my balance and hoping that the driver doesn’t slam the breaks. No problem buddy! You just keep on leaning while the rest of us surf, reach for the ceiling and assume second ballet position in order to stand. As long as you’re comfy and upright, it’s all that matters…right?

WRONG! At the second stop, after the driver slammed the breaks and I went flying at the guy in front of me who was stretched upward with his palm on the ceiling for support, I decided this pole leaner had to move. After people “rearranged” themselves because of the stop, I snuck my hand on the pole to hold on. The pole leaner looked at me as if I was the one in his personal space. I just glared and he moved over a few inches and got the hint.

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