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Friday, August 9, 2013


I was having a great day. We were playing “Write various Massachusetts town names down and make the new guy from the Midwest pronounce them”. It’s a fun game! Pea-Body, Wor-Ces-Ter, Glou-Cest-er… good times!

Then I get the email from the MBTA. Due to an accident the Orange line is experiences several delays! I keep getting the updates as the delays keep getting more serious. Awesome! It is torrential down pouring with a flash flood warning and I have to traipse an eighth of a mile to North Station. GREAT! I have already, kinda-sorta wrapped my head around this when I get another update from the MBTA. The Lowell line is delayed due to “police action”! GREAAAAT! That’s just lovely!

So, who thinks I am getting home at a reasonable time tonight?

Happy Friday Everyone!    

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