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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Butterflies and Unicorns

Pictrues Courtesy of FanPop

Recently, I got a comment on here about how terrible of a person I am. I just want to set the record straight here. Clearly this blog is for entertainment purposes. Most of my posts are written pre-coffee. I am an overly nice person in real life and in fact, my husband yelled at me the other day for being “too nice” because people tend to “walk all over me”!

This blog is a way for me to vent because it blows my mind what people do in public spaces. I sit there and usually don’t say anything! I think I have only snapped ONCE in two and a half years of being a train commuter, on someone on the T and that was the other day when I seriously thought I was going to miss my stop because they were too stupid to move out of the way of the ONLY door that lets people off the train.

Clearly I am irritated that I have to sit with people that smell like cat piss, peppers, curry, onions, salami, hang-over-smell and so on. Clearly, I hate when people pluck their f*cking eyebrows next to me and dispose of them…on me! Clearly, I hate it when people have troughs of popcorn and spray it everywhere and get popcorn grease on my suede jacket and ruin it. However, I bite my tongue though because I am TOO NICE! This blog is my outlet and so many of you click on this blog because you can relate and I appreciate that you continue to see what I have to say!

It is obvious that I’d rather hop in my new Barbie Jeep and head into the city with my radio blasting and the top down. However, the traffic is horrendous and the price of parking is outrageous. So, in order to have spending money and get in and out of the city at a reasonable time, I have chosen to take the train with the good and the bad. Mostly it’s good but there are times that it’s bad and those times, get posted on my blog.

I have had some heart touching moments on the train. I write about those too. The blind leading the blind. A blind man took a visiting college student and showed her were to go! He made a great point, if he didn’t know where he was going he’d be lost in the dark! The violins at North Station in the winter time are great! I love them. The fact that I have made friends on the train and am now considered by fellow train riders “Charlie’s Angels”. However, I’d say 95% of the time, this blog is complaining. It’s sarcastic. It’s my outlet that fellow train commuters can relate to.

If you don’t take the train, you probably think I am a whiney b*tch. Or, you don’t believe me that people actually do this sh*t in public. Ohhh, but they do and that’s why I can write about it. You can’t make this sh*t up! You just can’t!

So, to those of you who read my blog and can relate to my silly experiences and can laugh at them: Thanks! I appreciate the love!

To those of you who think that I am an awful person: Life (and public transit) isn’t always butterflies and unicorns and when it’s not, I am going to point it out.


  1. Your blog keeps making my day on a more or less regular basis, and I really hope you will keep it up. For me, it is just as you said: I can relate to your stories (ALL of them), and even though the occurences you describe are neither life threatening - mostly anyway - nor the end of the world, it is still kind of comforting to see that we are not the only ones who don't agree with this or that behavior on public transport. Furthermore, your sarcastic writing style sometimes even changes my own annoyance at certain situations experienced during one of my commutes into amusement.
    After having read this latest post, I went to look for the comment in question, and I just want to point out that everyone is free to decide whether they read this blog or not. I don't always agree with everyone in my life, and sometimes I also ask myself why someone makes such a fuss about something, and yet that alone doesn't give me the right to judge them, especially without even knowing them in person.
    I don't see you as an 'awful' or 'completely self-absorbed' person at all - neither here nor in real life. Please keep posting.

  2. Thanks Nathalie!! I am so glad you can relate to my posts. I think what makes my commute more tolerable is that I get to write about my experience instead of be truly annoyed and I get to look at every situation as "this will be funny later" instead of "this is really really annoying". I appreciate your reply. It definitely made my day! :)