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Monday, August 5, 2013

Go Pluck Yourself

I don’t consider myself a germ-a-phobe at all. I have come to the realization that there are germs around me at all times on public transit and there isn’t much I can do about it aside from wash my hands when I get to the office and wash my hands when I get home. I have anti-bac in my purse for really sticky situations. I do have limitations though. And today I found one of them.

The woman next to me decided she needed to pluck her eyebrows AND her MUSTACHE while next to me. It wasn’t as if she was carefully disposing of her little tiny hairs in a napkin after plucking them either. She was doing the pluck and release…as in released them in to the air and they were taken to where ever they landed. I was gagging.

I looked over at her with my “Are you serious?” look.  She seemed to think this was perfectly normal. I slammed my book for two reasons. 1. Because I didn’t want tiny hairs in my book and then be stuck there for all of eternity. 2. I am wearing a swishy dress today from Talbots. The skirt on it is great for “twirling” (if I was 10…I think people would look at me funny if I just started twirling in the middle of the street or at the office). Since the skirt is great for twirling, it was a little spread out on the seat. I grabbed the sides and pulled them in while looking at her. She kept going.

I looked around to see if there was an open seat. The seat in front of me was a three seater and only had two men sitting in it. I was kinda hopeful but then I over hear them talking about sacrificing a goat for religious purposes. Nope! Not goin’ there. I look further and we are getting too close to North Station for empty seats so I stay next to the incessant plucker and continue gagging.

For those of you who seem to think that the train is public space turned into private space, it’s not! Here’s a rule of thumb to go by: If you can’t be seen at a restaurant doing what it is you are doing…then DON’T DO IT!!

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