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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take the Freakin' Stairs!

Let’s talk about elevator etiquette shall we? Today since our front desk assistant was out of the office, I had the pleasure of running down to get our mail. We get an email stating that the mail person will be on the premises for the next twenty minutes and that we can head down stairs. Well, it is in the basement so I don’t get to take the fancy-shmancy elevator that our lovely building provides us that only stops on specified floors from the allotted elevator bank AND did I mention it will only accept a three floor max per elevator ride. I love them! Instead of these elevators, I have to take the freight elevator to obtain the mail. Since it is the freight elevator, it stops on whatever floor it needs to. I really don’t mind. I get it. Everyone is making a mad dash to the mail room. However, the one floor-ers! YES! These people legit press the button to go down one floor! REALLY? Are you that lazy? It’s not like you’re at the mall and you have a stroller! Take your able bodied self down the stairs one flight. It’s really not that hard! I promise and you’ll burn off that donut you snagged in the break room a little quicker. I’d also like to point out that this person got on at floor 7 and got off at floor 6. No one else got on. No one else got off. It was just her. So, had this person not hopped on for one floor, we would have whizzed right on by those floors. PS the freight elevator takes foreverrrrrr to open and close its doors. OH, and did I mention there is an operator in the elevator. He presses the button for you and sits there with his fan and his iphone. Not sure why he needs to be there but he is and to make himself feel important, he pushes EXTRA buttons like “stay open” and we sit there for no reason. Soooo, my friends, if you are in an office building and you need to go ONE FLOOR, take the freakin’ stairs! That is all.

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