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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It’s a darn miracle that I made it to my train on time this morning. I was running behind as it was. I turn on to the main road that gets me to the train station and there is an officer in front of me directing traffic. DETOURED!

OK, my husband and I moved to this town just about a year ago and I know how to get to:

A.)  The Highway
B.)  The Train Station
C.)  The Grocery Store
D.)  CVS (But that is in the same plaza as the grocery store so maybe that doesn’t count.)

It’s not that I haven’t ventured out and explored my new area. It’s just that I hop on a train and spend about 12 hours of every single day in the city and don’t need to do much in my home town other than grocery shop, hit the drug store from time to time and leave it (hence high way knowledge)! Therefore, a detour is just not gonna work for me.

I dig through my console to find my GPS. I find it but realize I don’t know the actual address of the train station. I throw it back in the console and I decide to follow the Prius in front of me. He should know where he is going. We go left then right then….he turns into a parking lot. DAMN! He wasn’t on a detour. He just happened to be going in the same direction as the detour. SHOOT!

I drive a little further and start to recognize some things. OK, all I have to do is go straight and I am pretty sure I will get to the train station. Mind you, I am already running behind so catching the train is almost out of the question.

As I come by some houses I see the train station! Woohoo! I found it without a GPS and without following anyone. I decide to head to the inbound parking lot. I pull into the first spot I see along the back. It’s gonna suck when I get home because:

A)    I will probably forget I parked on that side and will wonder around in the outbound parking lot for a bit.
B)    Once I get to my car, since I pulled in, I will be stuck there because NO ONE lets you back out in to traffic. Sometimes I just want to throw my car in reverse and say “F*ck it” BUT I don’t want to cause accidents.
C)    I will have to wait for the whole line of cars to pass before I can even leave.

However, aside from all those crappy things happening later… I am pretty damn impressed with myself that I did in fact make the train by the skin of my teeth. Yay for making it to work on time!

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