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Friday, September 20, 2013

I am a Fighter Pilot Today

Picture Courtesy of LibertyLadyBook

Today, because the train pulled into the station and stopped at a different point, I landed myself in a different car. I find an empty seat and sit down. It happens to be four empty seats all to myself. Two, two seaters facing each other. The train pulls in to Anderson-Woburn and a guy wearing his ear buds under his shirt and sprouting out of his collar sits down. He is blasting rock music and all I can hear is angry metal. I continue reading my book with little attention to him.

We then get a couple stops further and this older gentleman gets on the train. He asks to sit with us. He looks at me and says “You look like a fighter pilot today. Ya, know… A Tiger!” I look down at my outfit. I guess I do look like a fighter pilot. I am sporting black and brown riding boots with brass buckles, a khaki skirt and a brown leather jacket with a Sherpa collar. The only thing I was missing was the brown “Elmer Fudd” hat.

I look up and close my book. “I guess I do!” I said to him.

“Ya know, Tigers. John Wayne did a movie about it. It’s a great movie.” He stops and thinks for a second. “Ok, I just dated myself!” he says and laughs.

After this interaction, the guy across from us, hits pause on his angry metal and is listening. From there the conversation goes all over the place. He says to me that people his age are usually retired but he still goes in to work. He says “What am I gonna do? Go to Dunkin Donuts with the rest of the retired people and talk about ‘The Good Old Days’? No, I’m still alive. I am gonna continue living. Continue the adventure. I can’t stop movin’. ” He tells me.

“So, you can’t stop moving. What do you do to keep busy?” I say to him.

“I’m in an eighteen piece swing band.” He tells me.

“What instrument do you play?” I ask. For some reason I feel like I already know the answer.

“I’m a drummer.” He says proudly. “I started playing at church and then my grandmother put me in private lessons because I was good and ever since, I haven’t stopped.”

OK, I did know the answer!! The second he said he just can’t stop moving, I knew it because Drummers just don’t stop moving.

At this point we are pulling into North Station. I am so inspired. This guy is in his late 70’s I am assuming and he just couldn’t stop living, can’t stop moving. He works every day. Takes the train every day and on the weekends is in an eighteen piece swing band. Very cool!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day started out as nicely as mine did.

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