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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day in the City

Picture Courtesy of Dreamstime

Oh Labor Day! The Friday before Labor Day brought stupidity out in the tourists. On my way to the train on Friday, I overheard a tourist say to another “Now you can say you have visited the capital of New England!” Yup! That really happened. I know Boston is the capital of something but pretty darn sure it’s not New England!

After I overheard that precious gem, another tourist asks me how to get to Government Center. I tell her “Go to the next block. You’ll head up a huge set of stairs on your left.” I follow her because I have to head that way anyways. She power walks off and I’m trailing. She crosses to the next block and then, to my dismay, she turns right and heads into the cross walk toward Faneuil Hall. What part of LEFT and  HUGE set of STAIRS wasn’t clear? O’well! I laughed to myself as I flew by the crosswalk that she was already in.

Tuesday! Ahh, it’s like the first day of school for grown-ups! Everyone is back at the train station. It’s no longer the small crowd of people boarding. It’s everyone! They were all dressed in their new fall fashions. I however, took my dog for a walk this morning and realized the humidity is insane today so I decided against my fall fashions, even though I bought a hot pair of riding boots for the fall/winter and REALLY wanted to wear them!

After I board the train I over hear many people saying the same thing “My kids now understand why they have a bed time.” “My kids were dragging this morning.” “So and so didn’t want to get dressed this morning so that was fun.” “So and so refused to eat breakfast today.” “We almost missed the bus this morning.” Geez! If I had even a quarter for every time I overheard a parent complain about their child’s lack of bedtime/morning routine, I could have bought myself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks by the time I got to Anderson-Woburn! And that was just one stop!

Welcome back to reality everyone!

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