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Monday, September 9, 2013

God Forsaken Nylons

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So, I almost missed my train today. I made it by the skin of my teeth! I blame Nylons! Yes! Nylons!

It’s my first day wearing nylons after a blissful summer without them! I purchased some Givenchy nylons this year and paid through the nose for them in hopes that I could wear them longer than two days without getting a run, whole, snag and so on. (I’ll let you know how my theory of over spending on nylons works out).

Anyway, I am tall. My legs are long so even though I look tiny, I have to buy the large nylons. I have to go by height and not weight on these. I grab the large Givenchy nylons and figure they’ll be fine. Well, I go to put them on this morning and do you think it’s easy? NO!

I make sure my nails aren’t going to snag. As I am putting them on, I don’t want to put a run in them so I don’t stretch them to their capacity and when I think that I am all done, I realize that they are to my knees and not going any higher. I have to pull them off and start ALL over! This time, I pull at them a little more. They don’t want to stretch as long as my legs. These are a large. Probably the only thing I own that is a large and they don’t want to fit. BUUT it’s 44 degrees outside and I can’t give up.

I finally, after the third try get them on. I throw on the rest of my outfit, fluff my hair once again and spray perfume as I fly out of the bathroom. I put my boots on, motion for my dog to come with me and head down stairs. The dog isn’t happy about being torn from her thrown (AKA my bed) and goes down the stairs at the pace of a snail as if to say “Is this really happening? Are you really making me go down stairs to my own memory foam bed and down throw? Your bed is bigger and better!”

I throw on a jacket, throw things into my work bag and scoot out the door. The clock reads 7:15am! My train comes at 7:26am. 11 minutes to make the train. I am not sure it can be done but I try. I race to the train station, park on the inbound side to maximize my sprinting capabilities and as I park the train arrives. I grab my things, grab 4 shiny Sacagawea coins and head off the parking payment machine. I throw my shiny Sacagawea coins in there and turn around to board the train. I made it! PHEW! Now, I just have to get used to wearing these god forsaken nylons again.

Happy Monday!


  1. The problem is that you bought size large! The large sizes are normally for bigger people, not taller and if you look at the package you will see that the height for the large is actually shorter than that for the medium. I know this is a little strange but it makes sense too, in a way! Next time read the package for sizing and buy the right size as specified by the manufacturer, not what you think it should be! Sorry but that is your own fault! And I do think that the better nylons do last longer but it is not relative to cost exactly. You will have to try various brands to get a good idea of what lasts. Personally, I find that Donna Kara's last the longest for the money. They do look good too! Good luck next time!
    Tomi ♥

  2. Thanks for the tip. I checked my Givenchy nylon pack this morning and Givenchy only has two sizes. Size "A/B" and "C/D". My weight is in the A/B and my height is in the C/D. :( So, I went for height because when I go for weight, I feel like a rapper in that my croch isn't pulled all the way up LOL! I'll have to check out the Donna Karan's you like. :)