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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don’t Push Pregnant Women

Picture Courtesy of SpreadShirt

Ok, so this has been a long time coming but my week has been crazy so I apologize. Last week on one of our random last-hurrah-heat-wave days, my friend and I get off the train. It’s hot. She is pregnant and doesn’t want her ankles swelling any more than they already were. I don’t want my hair any frizzier than it already was. SOO, we decide to take the T.

As we get down to the platform we decide that the T is packed and we will wait for the next one. The next T arrives and there is about enough room for one more person. I tell my friend to hop on and I’ll take the next one so she doesn’t have to stand another 5-7 minutes. She says she will wait with me.

As she is saying this, this guy wearing ear buds (who clearly didn’t hear us saying we’d wait), runs in front of my friend and pushes her out of his way so he can get the last spot. He gets on and is looking down. I wish it was because of shame but he has no clue he just pushed an almost full term pregnant woman out of his way to get that spot.

1st- had he not had his ear buds in, he would have heard we were waiting for the next one and could have walked like a normal human being on to the T to fill that last spot.
2nd- You don’t push pregnant women out of your way.
3rd- Just don’t push people out of your way…on a train platform no less! I mean JEEZ!

While he did get the last spot on the T, it just sat there idling for a bit. My friend saying “Did you just see him? He just pushed me out of the way.” Me saying loudly “Who the hell does that? Pushes a pregnant woman out of the way.” People on the T start staring at him. Not sure if they were staring or if it was the fact that they were packed in like sardines and had nowhere else to look. Since the doors were still open, I wanted to pummel him with my purse BUT, I’d look like a psycho and I’d be the one in trouble so I didn’t. Needless to say, this guy probably got to his office on time not even knowing what he had done but in my eyes, he’s burning in hell forever. So, there!

Happy Tuesday.

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