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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's A Terrorist Thing

I usually hop in the second car. However, this morning the train was down a car and where I ended up entering was the first car. I take my seat and read on my way in. When we get to North Station, we pull in and everyone is in the aisle. One guy is facing the wrong way. We were closer to the front exit if we faced forward but we all had to exit out the back of the car.

 A woman gets up and says to the man facing the wrong way “We have to go out that way even though this way is closer.” Making her respective pointing gestures toward the doors.

The man responds “Why is that? You know?”

She says in a quiet voice “It’s a terrorist thing.”

The man responds shocked and yelling “It’s a TERRORIST THING? REALLY?”

I take it with a grain of salt because I was close enough to hear this conversation. Everyone else gasps!!!

“We can’t exit out that way because it’s a terrorist thing.” He screams to everyone. He then whispers to the lady “Why is it a terrorist thing?” then he returns to his scream “I did not intentionally say the T WORD. I repeat, I did not intentionally say the T WORD!!!”

The woman explains to him in a hushed tone “We can’t go out that way even though there is an exit there because the engineers’ seat is there along with all of the operations.”

“Oh ya. Oh ya. That makes sense. Ya!”

After that you could have heard a pin drop. Clearly we weren’t in trouble but droppin’ the “T Word” on public transit is certainly a no-no and he realized that the second it came out of his mouth.

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