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Friday, September 13, 2013

Trek in the Pouring Rain

This morning as I wait in the pouring rain for the train, I see the train approach us. We all get in to our respective lines and wait for him to stop. He doesn’t. He stops like two cars beyond where he is supposed to stop. We get to now trek, in the pouring rain two train car lengths to the doors.

As we are trekking, I hear someone say “What an A*shole!” I hear another one say “He knows where he has to stop. He is just messing with us…on a Friday…in the pouring rain. NICE!”

By the time we make our trek to the doors, many are soaked. There were people waiting in the building that were just planning on coming out and walking 10 feet to the train but instead they walked about 150-200 feet. Lovely! Happy Friday everyone!

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