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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boston You're My Home

So, it has either been a really boring week on the train or I went on vacation. That’s probably what you’re all thinking, if in fact you missed me. Anyway, I took off to good old New Orleans! Checked that one off the buck list!

New Orleans was definitely a good time. However, they noticeably have a different way of life down there. For instance, they walk at the pace of snails (drove me nuts). They have spicy food and love their seafood even more (survived on Beignet’s, Salad and Chicken Tenders). Their piano bar musicians don’t know how to play “Love That Dirty Water” (Shocking! I know!) and they look at you funny when you go over the top with the “Bamp Bamp Baahs” in “Sweet Caroline”. Last but not least, they have a Trolley system!

The trolley was fun. They are vintage…circa 1935. For you fact checkers, I am quoting a tour guide. Also, said tour guide mentioned that during Hurricane Katrina, the trolleys were ruined. When they went to order parts for them, there weren’t any to be had so, the machinist welded all new custom parts. He said they were as good, if not better than new! While I was there I didn’t see one broken down trolley in 100 degree heat (Another difference from Boston…our T’s break down ALL the time!).  

After the tour guide talked up the trolleys and we had a trek across town to Frenchman Street from Bourbon twice in one day, we decided to buy a day pass. These things were awesome! The windows were open and you had a great river breeze coming through on a hot summer day. It glided by the French Market and Jackson Square as we made our way over to the US Mint. Ok, Ok…don’t make fun of my inner nerd! I used to work for a coin dealer and this stuff is just cool! At the mint I saw coins from the 1860’s that were recovered, unscratched from a ship wreck (among other cool things).

Later that evening we needed to take the trolley again to get over to a Big Band Show at Snug Harbor. It was amazing or at least because I am not an educated saxophone music snob...AKA my lovely husband (he just closed the browser)...I thought it was amazing. As we made our way over to the show we grabbed a couple RockStars (a vital vacation must have, especially when just down the block from your hotel, they are shooting the movie “American Heist” and at the crack of dawn every day until about 8 at night they have gun shoot out scenes that prevent you from sleeping). We open our RockStars and head toward the trolley. We get yelled at before even entering the trolley “You can’t have those in here! Finish ‘em or wait.” Says the trolley driver.

She closes the door and takes off in her trolley leaving us behind to finish our drinks. We are confused. We had Café Americana’s on the Trolley this morning so why can’t we have a drink on the trolley now? Does she think it’s a FourLoco? I mean you can walk with an open container in New Orleans so maybe she thought it was that. Now that the Fourloco thought crossed my mind, I am pissed because I look all pretty and dressed up to go see a nice Big Band and she thinks I’m carrying a FourLoco! GRR!

Once, we are done our RockStars and board another trolley, we head down toward Frenchman. As we get off the trolley, we are informed of the last pick up time, otherwise we were walking back. I guess that doesn’t differ from Boston. They shut down and you’re screwed. After the Big Band show, we scurried back to the train stop to make the last train of the evening. It was perfect timing and my feet were happy we didn’t have to walk.

All in all, I had a great time but Boston is my home where people walk fast, I don’t have to worry about exotic fish showing up in my food and spice is only spicy if you want it that way. Cheers!

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