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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Precious-Out and About

(Lord of the Rings)
There is this guy that I see in the evenings on the way home from work on the train. He is probably in his 70’s and he usually falls asleep in a praying position and I have nick named him for quick reference in my head as “My Precious”. He just looks like he is going to wake up at any moment and say in that little gremlin voice ”Myyy Preciousss” and I’m thinkin’ it’s because of his comb over paired with his thin physic that looks eerily similar to “My Precious”. He works every day. He falls asleep on the ride home every day.

When we get off the train, I am always surprised that he doesn’t miss his stop. He wakes up just in time and gets off the train. His wife always picks him up at the bottom of the hill. It’s so cute but I always wonder what the circumstances are for his working every day. He is always so tired. Maybe he’s a professor and loves the job, maybe he has to work. Who knows?

That being said, this weekend I decided to take myself to a play on Saturday. My husband was away for the weekend and I took the Saturday to myself for some much needed down time. I saw that Guys and Dolls was playing only four miles from my house. I had always wanted to see it so…Jackpot! I didn’t have to drive or take the train into the city. I could just pop over to the next town and take in a play that I’ve been meaning to see for a while.

I checked in at will-call and grabbed my ticket. I was seated in the balcony. It was getting close to the starting time and noticed two empty seats in the front row, center stage that were still open. Immediately after I noticed them, I saw an usher guiding an elderly couple to those seats. I did a double take, I recognized him from the train! I never really put much thought into it but when you see these people every day on the train, you don’t really think about running in to them anywhere else.

Once I recognized that he was from the train, I realized it was “My Precious”! I smiled to myself in my seat from the balcony. It warmed my heart to see such a cute couple still out on a Saturday night at the theatre watching Guys and Dolls! He treks into the city every day and is exhausted every night. I was so glad to see he was enjoying some time with his adorable wife front and center no less!  

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