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Friday, July 19, 2013

Cranky-Pants Conductor Turned Nice

Happy Friday everyone! My Friday started in a cheerful way and it made my morning because it was so unexpected. The normally crank-pants conductor who is usually yelling at people to not block the doors, to slide over and let people sit and to just get the hell out of his way, was in a good mood today.

Every morning I get my pass out and when he comes by I say “Good Morning.” He usually looks down at me and goes “Mmmmm Thanks.” In a “ya whatever” tone.

Today, on the other hand, I get out my pass and say “Good Morning” just like every other day and he looks down and says in a chipper voice “Thanks Sweetie!” HA! I broke him down and he is finally nice to me. Do you know how big this is? BIG! It means he finally recognizes me as a regular every day train commuter. Oh yaaaa! I guess being nice and persistent pays off.

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