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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spandex Lady Really Loves Her Outfit

Let me preface this by saying that two weeks ago, prior to my vacation, I wore gladiator sandals. Remember the shoes I was going to hell for…ya…those ones. I wore them to break them in before all of my New Orleans walking began. There is nothing worse than a blister on vaca. I know! I know! What happened to my “no open toed shoes on the train policy”? Well, I took my chances because I had to break in my new shoes.

So, today Spandex Lady is making progress with her fashion. She had on her spandex capris along with her butterfly pajama dress. However, she ditched the wedge sandals and wore…you guessed it…gladiators! I am secretly wondering if this is the red hat all over again. She’s taking my fashion and pairing it with her stupid late 90’s-slash-early 2000’s fashion. B*tch! Although, I’ll give her credit, she is making strides on the fashion front. All we have to do now is convince her that nighties aren’t worn in public!

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