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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sparkly Dollar Coins

So, after hearing many people say I should get Sacajawea coins instead of dollar bills for my parking fee, I went and got myself three rolls of them. It was quite the “to do” in the bank. I asked for Sacajawea coins and the woman who speaks broken English behind the desk looked at me funny. I then asked for dollar coins. Still not grasping it. Then it clicks. “OHHH You mean sparkly dollar coins? No?”

“Yes! Yes! Sparkly dollar coins!” I say excited she now gets it.

A branch manager comes over and she asks him for “Sparkly Dollar Coins” and he  had to go into the safe and retrieve three rolls of them. After doing so, he gave me his card and said that in the future I can give him a ring before I come so that he can have all my coinage ready for me. I felt special! It’s probably to save him time and to not be put on the spot but still, I got the card of the branch manager and can call him for my out-of-the-ordinary currency needs.

It’s been about a week and a half or so since I have started using the coins at the train station. I have loved it! I don’t have to count out four- one dollar bills in advance and origami that sh*t in order to get it in the parking payment “machine”. I loved it until this morning that is!

This morning, running slightly behind, I parked on the other side of the train station and didn’t park in my normal spot. I get to the parking “machine” with my four “sparkly dollar coins” and go to put them in the slot. There is a jam!! Yup! A Jam! I can’t get my “sparkly dollar coins” in the slot. I am panicking because if I can’t get them in, I could get a ticket and I am not going to go and move my car. I take the little special “ram rod” thingy attached to the "machine" and start poking at the slot. It finally clears and I get one coin in. Then I try the next. NOPE! Jammed again. I have to alternate “ram rod”, “sparkly dollar coin”, “ram rod”, “sparkly dollar coin” and so on…

Now I’m thinking my origami one dollar bills aren’t all that bad. ORRR I could just avoid parking in parking spot # 126. Have a happy fourth everyone!!

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