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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shape-Ups Are a Fraud

(Picture Courtesy of Sketchers)

So, for those of you who remember my extreme dislike for Shape-Ups...I have been right all along! There is NO evidence proving that these shoes in fact work. AND Have you EVER seen a person that is "in shape" actually wearing Shape-Ups (the ads don't count) because I haven't! If you see one, get a picture of this rare creature because it's about as rare as seeing Big-Foot!

Today, I saw an article that proves my theory that Shape-Ups are just shoes that make you look like you are getting ready to take off for your trip to outer-fucking space instead of shaping and toning your body. Read article here: Skechers sends out $40 million in refund checks

And for those of you that do not remember my obsession- let me refresh your memory:

Meet Shape Ups Chick

Shape ups Chick Still Shape Ups Chick

So, there you have it! HA! Shape Ups are a fraud and there is 40 Million in checks going out to defrauded customers to prove it! Have a great day everyone! I know I will be basking in my victory!!!

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